Laramie County Sheriff Says Auto Thefts Trending Downward

2022-04-23 00:49:59 By : Mr. JACK FU

The Laramie County Sheriff's Office says that while cars continue to be stolen in the county, at least the numbers are trending downward over the last couple of months.

That's according to a post on the Laramie County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

The post says six stolen vehicles were reported to the agency between February 25 and April 21. That is a significant decline from the 28 stolen vehicles reported to the sheriff's office between Jan. 1 2022 and Feb. 23 of this year.

Of the more recent thefts, one of the vehicles was an ATV and the other five were street motor vehicles. Two of the stolen vehicles had keys left inside and their doors were unlocked. Of the half-dozen cars stolen more recently, four have been recovered and two arrests have been made.

The post says the other cases remain under investigation, and investigators are waiting for evidence to be processed through the crime lab that might help identify suspects.

The post goes on to say: