How To Defeat Skeleton Ships In Sea Of Thieves

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Learn everything you need to know to defeat these mysterious galleons in Sea Of Thieves.

Among the roster of enemies in Sea Of Thieves are skeletons. Skeletons aren't a powerful enemy by themselves; however, they become a dangerous threat to your pirate adventure when accompanied by a boss or ship.

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Skeleton Ships come in many forms, including Skeleton Sloops, Skeleton Galleons, and Skeleton Fleets. Skeleton Fleets are the most powerful because they consist of multiple boats that you have to fight simultaneously. Here's a guide on how to defeat each type of Skeleton Ship and the loot you can earn from them.

Below you can find out the best strategy for fighting Skeleton Ships, as well as everything you need to know about Skeleton Sloops and Galleons. Other than size, both types of Skeleton Ships fight similarly. Each Skeleton Ship has a captain that acts like a boss; however, you don't have to defeat it to sink the boat. Here's a guide where you can find out how to defeat each type of skeletal enemy in Sea Of Thieves.

Skeleton Sloops are the weakest type of Skeleton Ship. They only carry around five skeletons per ship, and there are only two cannons available for the skeletons to use. Although Skeleton Sloops are weaker than Skeleton Galleons, they can maneuver around the water easily due to their small size.

Skeleton Galleons often have over ten skeletons each, making it difficult to stop the enemies from repairing holes. There are four cannons on the left and right sides of the ship, so it has a total of eight cannons. Luckily, it's easy to maneuver around a Skeleton Galleon, which allows you to easily line up your cannons with their boat.

Similar to other ships, you need to use your cannons to shoot holes in the Skeleton Ship, which will cause water to flood it, eventually sinking the boat. Some skeletons will bucket water out of the boat and repair the holes, so you need to shoot the ship quickly. Make sure to stock up on cannonballs at an outpost or Skeleton Fort before attacking a Skeleton Ship.

The easiest boat you can use to defeat a Skeleton Ship is a Galleon since it has four cannons per side that you can use to shoot at the enemy vessel. However, all ship types work as long as you can create holes faster than the skeletons can repair them.

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The best way to defeat a single Skeleton Ship is to shoot your harpoon at their boat, allowing you to pull your ship closer to the enemy vessel. Once your boat is close to the Skeleton Ship, jump onto it and kill the skeletons repairing the holes in the bottom of their boat. This works best if you're on a Brigantine or Galleon since you'll have multiple other crewmates to tend to your ship while you fight Skeletons. However, it also works on a Sloop if your crewmate can multi-task repairing holes, steering the ship, and using the cannons.

Firebombs, Gunpowder Barrels, and Cursed Cannonballs are also effective against Skeleton Ships if you have them on your ship or in your inventory.

Skeleton Ships primarily use regular cannonballs to attack you, which will shoot holes in the bottom of your ship and can also damage equipment such as the Anchor, Steering Wheel, and Masts. You need to use Wooden Planks to repair holes and damaged equipment.

Other than standard cannonballs, Skeleton Ships may attack you with Firebombs and Cursed Cannonballs, making each battle unique. Skeletons on each ship can attack you with their sword or guns, so watch out for their attacks if you board a Skeleton Ship.

Skeleton Fleets consist of six ships in total, and two ships will spawn throughout each of the three waves. The six ships can be either Skeleton Sloops or Skeleton Galleons, which is random. You can locate Skeleton Fleets by following the boat-shaped cloud in the sky; however, it won't always be active. A picture of the cloud is above.

Although the strategies outlined above work on Skeleton Fleets, they're harder to defeat since you'll be fighting multiple boats at once. It's much easier to defeat a Skeleton Fleet if you ally with another ship, which you can do by raising the Alliance Flag through the box in the Crow's Nest while you're near another player ship.

Other than forming an alliance, you can also collect Gunpowder Barrels from Skeleton Forts and blow them up on the Skeleton Ships, which will weaken them significantly. It may be easier to jump on the enemy ship and travel to the interior deck before blowing up the Gunpowder Barrel, although jumping in the water works as well. Skeletons can explode a Gunpowder Barrel if they hit it with any of their weapons.

Skeleton Ships drop multiple types of loot when you defeat them. The loot will float in the water at the spot where the Skeleton Ship sank. Unlike voyages, they don't drop faction-specific items. Skeleton Ships drop up to 12 items that you can sell to the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and Order Of Souls representatives at outposts.

The possible types of loot include storage crates, chests, skulls, Merchant Alliance crates, bottle messages, artifacts, and mermaid gems. You may encounter other types of loot after defeating a Skeleton Ship, depending on future updates. You also earn Emissary reputation when you defeat a Skeleton Ship with an active Emissary Flag.

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