We bought a £400 returns pallet from Amazon but what was inside was so disappointing - it was a total waste of money | The Sun

2022-07-24 15:57:04 By : Ms. Angelina -

THEY'D been hoping they would be quids in after splashing out £400 on a returns pallet from Amazon.

But things didn't quite go to plan for Joel Conder and his family, who documented their opening of the massive pallet in a video on their Dad V Girls YouTube page.

"This is the returns pallet that we got," Joel explained.

"So in here is literally random stuff that people have returned to Amazon and they’ve packaged it up as a kind of mystery box.

"We paid £400 for this but we have no idea whether it’s got £400 worth of stuff in it."

As they started to open the box, however, they soon realised it was unlikely they'd be making their money back.

One of the first things they saw was a mini fridge, which they initially seemed quite excited about - until they realised it was just one of 16 mini fridges they'd been sent in the pallet.

And that wasn't the only item they received multiples of.

They also got sent six remote controlled helicopters, numerous disco lights and about 10 different alarm clocks.

Many of the things in the box were broken, with some boxes simply filled with smashed up glass.

A duck family garden decoration set was broken - the mummy duck was missing a leg - and a cute cup and saucer set was also chipped.

Mugs were something of a theme in the pallet too. They received a Strictly Come Dancing mug and two Haynes mugs.

One item that Joel was quite pleased about was a huge poker set, which came in a giant silver case, while wife Sophie was quick to grab a Nike backpack that was in the box.

The pallet also contained a few pictures and signs, one of which read "Sassy since birth", as well as a baby milestone blanket, a light up unicorn and a Minions clock, which was smashed.

After they opened everything, Joel and Sophie reflected on how much things would be worth.

"I think it’s about £300 at the absolute most that we would get," Sophie said.

As Joel added: "And you would struggle to sell some of this stuff because the packaging is rubbish so it’s definitely not worth it, unless you know how to fix things.

"If you could fix fridges you’d definitely make your money but if you’re just looking to buy it and put it straight on Amazon or EBay no way."

Concluding, Joel said: "Guys that was a complete waste of money but it was funny."

That's not to say they wouldn't take a risk on another pallet in the future though, with daughter Kaci keen for them to get a John Lewis one after hearing about a girl who got a Dyson Airwrap.

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