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2022-04-21 13:45:31 By : Mr. Mario Van

Szántó István és Wolfgang Puck. Source:

These Hungarian dishes are sure to make an appearance at the Oscars afterparty thanks to the Hungarian chef.

István Szántó, the head chef of Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant in Budapest, will be serving iconic Hungarian dishes to Hollywood celebrities at this year’s Oscars afterparty. Every year, more than a hundred chefs work with American-Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck to ensure that everything at this legendary event is perfect.

The Spago Restautrant. Source:

A special feature of this year’s event is that, for the first time, traditional Hungarian dishes will be served at the afterparty, in addition to the usual Wolfgang Puck signature dishes.

Chicken paprikash, vadas (hunters’ stew), Somló dumplings, and Eszterházy cake will be on the menu at the post-awards show party in Los Angeles on Sunday, 27 March.

“I am very happy that Wolfgang has given me the opportunity to introduce myself to the Los Angeles audience,”

said an excited István Szántó.

The two chefs. Source:

“I immediately thought of dishes that are emblematic of Hungarian cuisine. In the end, chicken paprikash, vadas, Eszterházy cake, and Somló dumplings were my choices,”

“I knew there were a lot of security and logistical aspects to consider. To have ingredients for the food on site. We need to make these dishes easy to eat, in small portions, with aesthetic presentation, and in incredible quantities. We will prepare 800 servings of vadas and 350-350 servings of the other dishes. Although it’s a catering service, it’s important to be festive and elegant for the awards ceremony,”

adds the chef, as we can read in’s article.

Spago’s most famous dish, the Smoked Salmon Pizza. Source:

Wolfgang and István sourced their ingredients from the famous local farmers’ market in Santa Monica, and István, of course, brought real Hungarian paprika from home, according to


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