Building a greenhouse in Central Mexico

2022-01-15 10:04:54 By : Mr. Scofield Tang

Central Mexico is known for its favorable climate for cultivation in greenhouses. The Agropark, for example, was built in Queretaro for a reason. Not far from the Agropark, Finka is developing a new high-tech glasshouse complex. It is planned that in a period of 5 to 6 years a total area of 80 ha will be realized. Because of the limited availability of sufficient suitable personnel, the scale of operations, and the ambition for growth, Finka wants to invest heavily in automation in the greenhouse and packing hall. The greenhouses will be interconnected by means of a corridor, so that transport to the processing area can take place at the same level and inside. A nice assignment for Hortilogics.

Crop care Hortilogics, in collaboration with Royal Brinkman, was responsible for the delivery of all rolling material. The Benomic S-line from Berg Hortimotive was chosen for crop care. This pipe rail trolley is obviously built according to the latest safety standards and has optimum ease of use.

Crop protection Crop protection is provided by the well-known Meto spraying robot from Berg Hortimotive, in combination with the Meto Trans for moving from path to path. When it comes to crop protection, it was an absolute must for Finka to have a fully reliable automated system to minimize human intervention and obtain a highly reliable spray result. The potential exposure to spray liquid also played a role in this.

Harvest For harvesting, Berg Hortimotive harvesting trolleys were chosen that are fitted with a roller rack. Each trolley can transport 40 crates. The low position of the roller rack ensures that the maximum stacking height is easily accessible to all users. Thanks to various strong features, such as great maneuverability and protected central wheels – to prevent snagging – the Berg harvest trolleys are very efficient and ergonomic.

Transport For transport to and from the packing hall, Hortilogics supplies a number of Berg Hortimotive’s Betrac-1 AGV tractors. The induction circuit also supplied and installed by Berg Hortimotive ensures that the Betrac-1 tractors automatically drive from A to B. The system is equipped with WiFi and traffic control. This means that when the harvested product is transferred to the packing hall, the greenhouse of origin is known and, based on the setting made by the customer, the emptying of the harvesting trolleys takes place with or without priority. This solution provides Finka with peace of mind and the assurance of a constant product flow while minimizing the dwell time of the harvested product in the greenhouse.

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