Citrus Pectin in Citrus Peels

                                              Product DescriptionAs non-starch polysaccharides, pectin belongs to the dietary fiber. Due to the progress of science, nutrition study attaches importance to d

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                                              Product Description
As non-starch polysaccharides, pectin belongs to the dietary fiber. Due to the progress of science, nutrition study attaches importance to dietary fiber on human body. Therefore, pectin would be applied in food additives widely as thickener, gel agent and stabilizer in near future.


The main use for pectin is as a gelling agent, thickening agent and stabilizer in food.
The classical application is giving the jelly-like consistency to jams or marmalades, which would otherwise be sweet juices.Citrus Pectin From Citrus Peel

Dosage Reference
Jam and jelly:  0.3%-0.6%
Popsicle and ice cream: 0.1%-0.2%
Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria and fruit juice: 0.1%-0.3%
Melt baked food:  0.3%-0.8%
Soft Candy: 1%~2.5%
Application on other industry:
In medicine, pectin increases viscosity and volume of stool so that it is used against constipation and diarrhea. Until 2002, it was one of the main ingredients used in Kaopectate, along with kaolinite. Pectin is also used in throat lozenges as a demulcent. In cosmetic products, pectin acts as stabilizer. Pectin is also used in wound healing preparations and specialty medical adhesives, such as colostomy devices. Also, it is considered a natural remedy for nausea. Pectin rich foods are proven to help nausea.
In the cigar industry, pectin is considered an excellent substitute for vegetable glue and many cigar smokers and collectors will use pectin for repairing damaged tobacco wrapper leaves on their cigars.

 Citrus Pectin From Citrus Peel

                                             Why Huaxuan Pectin
 Citrus Pectin From Citrus Peel

                               Package & Loading Capacity
 Citrus Pectin From Citrus Peel


Distinguished from other suppliers, our team has not only focused on the satisfaction of buyers but also have the responsibility for the health of end consumers, especially for food grade and pharmaceutical grade products. We have ISO9001, HALAL, SGS, FDA certificates.   
 Citrus Pectin From Citrus Peel


                                    Company Introduction
Founded in 2006, XIAMEN HUAXUAN GELATIIN CO., LTD is a one of the professional suppliers of food addictives and ingredients in China such as gelatin powder, leaf gelatin, collagen, carrageenan, pectin etc. Due to stable quality, the oldest oversea customers have kept regular orders for more than 10 years. Our cargo never is asked to ship back even though 10 years has passed.
Citrus Pectin From Citrus Peel


                                                  Why US?
  1. Only top-class raw material used
  2. Super strict quality control system in the factory
  3. Bespoke gelatin and collagen solution according to specific application of each client., e.g customized production, pouch packing etc.
  4. Fully certified with Halal,FDA, ISO, VET etc.
  5. Rich exporting experience for more than 10 years & High quality gelatin & collagen with great feedback from clients all around the world
  6. High credit and responsibility, order of leather skin gelatin was never supported for human purpose due to high heavy metal.

Q:What's the Minimum Order Quantity?
A:Usually100kg. But we do pouch packing, so the minimum quantity of 1kg could be supported and accurate price should be consulted in detail.
Q: How to Get Sample?
A: Sample within 500g could be sent for free once buyer's FedEx account is advised for freight collect or courier cost is paid. The courier cost could be deducted when bulk order is placed.
Q: What is Lead Time?
A: Generally, cargo could be loaded on ship in about two weeks after the date of receiving prepayment or L/C. Sometimes one week earlier or later.
Q: What's the bulk Packing?
A: For bulk packing, 25kg or 20kg per bag, outer package kraft paper bag or Woven poly bag, inner is plastic water-proof bag.
Q:How many tons could be loaded in each container?
Without pallet:20mt always could be loaded in 20feet container
With pallet: 16-18mt always could be loaded in 40feet container.


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